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Puppet Originals an ICP Project

Launch Information

Puppet Originals will have 150 total traits with varying rarities; some rarer than others.

We will conduct a fair sale with all Puppets being the same price regardless of rarities.

Holders of one of these highly anticipated helpers will receive 100 PUP$!

However, if you end up finding a special Puppet with gold or rainbow vomit, you will receive 1000 PUP$



Thanks to the technology of ICP, transaction fees will be virtually non-existent!

PUP$ will offer more value than just to HODL.


You will be able to buy special items/perks/bonuses at partner apps thanks for your enthusiasm for Puppet Originals (and for their hard work).

The sale and use of PUP$ won't just help our community, but the ICP community at large.


Launch of Puppet Originals (10%)

PUP$ token launch and distribution to all holders of Puppet Originals (20%)

Holder Secret Club forms (30%)

Expand our social media presence with more partnerships (40%)

Launch the mining platform so your Puppet friends can help you mine PUP$ (50%)

Expand PUP$ partnerships so they may be used on a variety of projects(70%)

List PUP$ on different exchanges so even more people can join in on the fun!(100%)

Puppetize Blockchain

Puppet Originals are small collectable crypto miners in the form of NFTs that live and breathe on the Internet Computer!​

These little helpers mine F-NFTS called PUP$

With the power of the Internet Computers chain cryptography, PUP$ will work anywhere on chain without gas-fees!


Master Puppet
Popping Puppet
Social Puppet
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